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OBDI & OBDII Diagnostic Datalogging Devices

We provide Computer OBDI ECU datalogging data logger cables, scan tools and software solutions for diagnostic and performance monitoring of Mitsubishi 3000GT, GTO, Dodge Stealth, DSM, 3000 GT, VR4, 3si, Eagle Talon TSI, Eclipse, 3sx, EVO and Galant Cars. The data logging cable kits are available for both PC and Hand Held Palm PDA’s.  We also provide Backup Service and Repair Manuals for Mitsubishi 3000GT, GTO, Dodge Stealth, DSM, 3000 GT, 3Si, Eagle Talon, Eclipse, Galant, Mitsubishi FTO, Nissan 300ZX, EVO and Nissan Skyline Cars.

We also provide OBDII automotive diagnostic datalogging solutions for most European and Japanese vehicles.

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Latest news:
In response to a number of customer requests for a list of OBDI, Hybrid OBD1.5 and OBDII diagnostic fault codes, we have produced this very simple fault code search engine. Just enter the fault code number (Detected Trouble Code) in the search box on the site or if you want to see all OBDI or Hybrid codes, just type OBDI or Hybrid.
Hand Held Halo YouTube Channel THE OTHER SIDE OF HAND HELD HALO!
It's fair to say cars and music have always been our passion but not necessarily in that order. "Hand Held Halo" started as a band and then an Independent Electronic Record Label. We have recently put together a very modest and long overdue YouTube Channel which will hopefully give you an interesting insight into another side of "Hand Held Halo". Please click here and thanks for listening. www.handheldhalo.com   
As we are changing the way we operate, starting early 2013 most of our UK online store will redirect to the Official HHHD USA Reseller 3SX Performance. 3SX Performance's pricing and terms of sale will therefore apply to all HHHD Products purchased from their website. We will continue to provide 3SX Performance customers with full product support and free access to the HHHD Forums.
PRE-XMAS SALE 28 NOV - 16 DEC 2011!
MEGA MONDAY!!! There are a lot of MEGA OR CYBER MONDAY SALES to coincide with the biggest online shopping day of the year but here at HHHD we've decided to offer you a "DYNAMIC DATALOGGING DECEMBER"! Another of our exclusive Pre-Xmas Sales designed to offer you huge savings at a time when you need them most....before Xmas! This is the ideal time to grab a massively discounted bargain, with up to 40% off some of our normal website prices.

One of our USA customers has kindly uploaded a video of his first impressions of the Hand Held Halo OBDI Datalogger. He posted this video the same evening he hooked it up...how's that for plug-n-play!

It's actually a very clear and informative user video so I thought it might be a useful introduction to what our software can do in the absence of our video tutorials! As an appendix to srcsport's video please note you can also right click on any graph and open up to 6x sensors in the same window.

Hand Held Halo Datalogging Xmas Christmas Sale PRE-XMAS SALE 22 NOV-28 NOV 2010!
In response to a number of enquiries with regards to the next Group Buy and the possibility of discounts due to the ongoing financial climate we have decided to spread the Seasonal Goodwill to all our friends in the Automotive Community with an Exclusive 7-Day Pre-Xmas Sale from Mon 22 Nov to Sun 28 Nov. This may be a good time to grab a massively discounted bargain, with up to 20% off normal website prices.
Hand Held Halo ISO OBDII Datalogger EVO POWERED CABLE!
For a number of years we have been supplying a custom cable for EVO I-III owners who required power from the fuse box in order to connect to their vehicles. Due to an increase in interest we have decided to add the Powered Kit for EVO's to our secure online store.
Total Evolution Performance Car Magazine MAGAZINE FEATURE: TOTAL EVOLUTION!
We were lucky enough to be featured in the Summer 08 Issue of TOTAL EVOLUTION Performance Car Magazine. The 6-page article explores the derivation of the term GTO (Gran Turismo Omologato) and it's eventual use by Mitsubishi on it's range of Super Cars! For more info on the range of Total Car Magazines or to purchase a copy of the Summer 08 issue please visit their website www.totalcarmagazines.co.uk
Hand Held Halo Hybrid OBDII Datalogger Skin Set HYBRID OBDII NOW WITH SKINS!
After a few Beta releases during the early part of 2007 our innovative Skins feature with it's fully configurable gauges and dial sets has now been fully implemented into our Hybrid OBDII Datalogging Software (v3.4 Oct 07).
The 7th JAPS at Thoresby Park Sunday 1st July 2007 7th JAPS: CANCELLED DUE TO FLOODS!
The organisers of the Thoresby JAPS 2007 which was due to take place this Sunday have understandably been forced to cancel and reschedule for Sun 19th August. Obviously this is very regrettable but in light of the battering the UK has received over the last 10-days with torrential rain and widespread flooding it was the only sensible option. All the Offers as detailed on the forum still apply to the new date...so print-out your vouchers and see you on the 19th August!
The 7th JAPS at Thoresby Park Sunday 1st July 2007 THE 7th JAPS;
For the 2nd year running we will have a small Trade Stand at the Japanese Auto and Performance Car Show on Sunday 1 July 2007 at Thoresby Park near Ollerton, North Nottinghamshire. We will have a small selection of kits available on the day, plus a demonstration vehicle showing our software in action. We are also looking for a couple of donor vehicles i.e EVO's, FTO's, more details about donor discounts and show offers are available on the HHHD Forum. As always we look forward to meeting you on the day!
For directions and admission details please visit: www.classicshows.org or click image left for official flyer.
The first of our software products to be released with the new user customisable Skins Feature is now available for download. This enhanced feature allows the user to set-up custom dial sets, gauges and instrumentation panels with both audible & visual alarms. Click image left for more details. The latest working demo is available for the Demo Section of the website or online store.
With a product launch date of 29 Jan 2007, why not guarantee your Hybrid Kit and take advantage of our Special Pre-Release Discount Offer. CLICK HERE or Image Left for More Details! [OFFER ENDED!]    
It's taken a while to develop but we are now in a position to proudly announce a Jan 07 launch for our brand new datalogging solution for 1994-1999 3000GT/GTO & EVO's. The ECU's on this range of vehicles output data using a non-standard OBD protocol and are therefore commonly referred to as 'Hybrid ECU's'. The new Hybrid USB PC solution will be based on our recently improved market leading Hand Held Halo Datalogger™ Software (Ver.2). So, if you can't wait, why not download our Serial OBDI Demo here and see what power and flexibility awaits you!
Over the last few years there has been a lot of misinformation on this subject. For the true lowdown check out this article on our forums. Click Here 
A little later than we had hoped the brand new Hand Held Halo Datalogging forum is now online. Obviously it is very early days for the forum which only officially launched on Sat 9th September 2006, but hopefully in time it will become a useful resource to both customers and car enthusiasts alike, especially 3000GT/GTO/DSM/EVO and Galant owners. For more details about what the forum has to offer and the discounts available through the Forum Store please read the 'Overview and Membership' section before registering.
At your request and in an attempt to offer the opportunity to 'try-before-you-buy' you can now download working demos of our OBDI and OBDII Hand Held Halo Datalogger packages. The OBDI package is a new serial implementation of our USB package, both of which are now on sale in our online store. The fault reader and injector dialogues are disabled on both demos, but you will still have the ability to log 3-sensors and save/load/compare data across those sensors as well as experience the look and feel of the software.
The first of our new OBDII automotive solutions will be available through our soon to be revamped online store. To confirm whether this kit will work with your car please check our compatibility database by clicking here!   
OBDI, OBDII, Automotive, Diagnostic, Hand Held Halo JAPANESE AUTO & PERFORMANCE SHOW;
For the first time we will be present at the increasingly popular Japanese Auto and Performance Car Show on July 2 at Thoresby Park near Ollerton, North Nottinghamshire. Having attended last year as spectators we were so impressed with the quality of the event we have decided to have a small Trade Stand which will give us an opportunity to meet many of you in the informal and beautiful settings of Thoresby Park.  We will have a small selection of discounted kits available on the day plus a demo of our OBDI USB Solution. Please feel free to pop over and have a chat, you will be very welcome. For directions and admission details visit www.classicshows.org or click image left.
Hot on the back of our successful USB OBDI Hand Held Halo Datalogger we are close to finalising our ISO:9141-2 compliant OBDII implementation which will be compatible with most Asian cars from 1996 onwards and European cars from 2000 to the present day (also a selection USA vehicles). Hopefully we will be demonstrating the new OBDII solution alongside our USB and Serial kits at the forthcoming Japanese Auto and Performance Car Show on July 2 at Thoresby Park. (ref. above news item for details)
Finally our Brand New USB OBDI Datalogging Solution for the Mitsubishi GTO, 3000GT, Dodge Stealth, DSM, 3si, Eagle Talon, Eclipse, Galant, EVO and Lancer is here! Check out the EXCLUSIVE screen shots and feature rich functionality by clicking here.  As promised this is the first of many new datalogging solutions from Hand Held Halo Halo Datalogging scheduled throughout 2006 including OBDII and Pocket PC.  We will also be launching a brand new forum for you to exchange datalogging sessions, views and opinions with other owners and enthusiasts throughout the world (TBA).
In response to a number of customer enquiries we have been feverishly trying to perfect the first OBDI USB and Pocket PC datalogging solution for the Mitsubishi GTO, 3000GT, Dodge Stealth, DSM, 3si, Eagle Talon, Eclipse, EVO and Galant range of vehicles.  Due to the complexity of the USB data cable we have been in Beta testing for the last couple of months with final field tests planned for early 2006.  The new Hand Held Halo Datalogging Software that will ship with the USB Kits is an enhanced datalogging solution incorporating many new features to improve the comprehension and use of the logged data.
As we will be attending the East of England Japanese Auto Extravaganza this weekend (22nd - 24th July 2005) primarily as enthusiastic observers we thought it might be a nice opportunity for us to take a few of our products along and offer a 1-day only 10% JAE DISCOUNT SALE.  We will be there on Sunday so if you can catch up with us and present a printed copy of our Special JAE flyer (right click here, save and print image), we will discount 10% off any of our website prices.  If we don't have enough stock on the day, we will give you a voucher code to enable you to claim your 10% online (voucher code valid until 31.07.05).
PC PDA Datalogging Cable PC/PALM PDA Composite Datalogging Kit Re-introduced;
At the request of our customers we have re-introduced the PC/PALM PDA Composite Datalogging Kit. This solution provides the best of both worlds by converting our ever popular serial PC cable into a Palm PDA cable with the use of a simple adapter which is included within the kit.  The Composite Kit is available now from our secure online store. Check out the Datalogging Section for more details.
GTO 3000GT OBDI Datalogging Instructions Online Downloads;
Due to popular demand some items such as our datalogging instructions are now available for immediate download from our secure online PayPal® Store
OBDI OBDII Automotive Diagnostic Datalogging New Product Developments;
Our development team are looking to expand our existing range of datalogging solutions, so watch this space.
Mitsubishi 3000GT/GTO Dodge Evo Hand Held Halo OBDI Datalogger Mitsubishi GTO/3000GT, Dodge Stealth, Talon, Galant OBD1 ECU Datalogging Kit Available Here;
This ever popular kit is now available from our websites secure online store.

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